We're Happy You're Here

This Week

Sunday Morning Worship – 9:00 AM & 11:15 AM
Our 9:00 am service is face coverings required and our 12:00 pm service is face coverings optional.

Sunday Morning Worship Streaming – 9:00 AM
Click here to stream our 9:00 am service.


We’re happy you’re here

Holland Park is a diverse but unified family serving Mauldin, Simpsonville, Greenville, and the world. God made us all different…different backgrounds, ages, races, beliefs… and we like it that way.

And we are unified in walking the path to the Best Life with the next generation.

Why focus there?

Because at one time, each of us was the next generation. Someone loved us, walked the path with us, and introduced us to Jesus. Now it’s our turn and we’re excited to take it. Join us and let’s walk together.

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