About Us

Vision, Mission, and Values

This is Why We are Here:

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8

We are here to Walk the Path to the Best Life with the Next Generation.

This is How We Do It:

Praise God (Worship)
Possess and Pass on our Faith (Disciple)
Pour Ourselves Out for Kids (Sacrifice)
Provide Resources for the Path (Empower)
Partner with our Neighbors (Connect)

This is What We Value:

Family – Family is who God made us and what we offer to all.
Legacy – We are in debt to those that have walked the path before us.
Excellence – God never said “good enough.”
All Generations – We’re all made to learn from and to teach each other.
Unity in Diversity – God made us all different. We like it that way.

God’s Word – God’s word will be our constant companion on the path.
God’s creation – God can be understood through what He has made.
Risk for God’s Glory – We will risk what we need to in order to reveal God to others.

This is What We Believe:

We believe…

God is the source of the best life.
Jesus walked the best life.
The Spirit guides to the best life.

We believe…

We are to love extravagantly.
Love inspires us to serve.

We believe…

All generations have a gift to give.
The Next Generation is entrusted to each of us.
Every child deserves to be celebrated.

We believe…

The Spirit is moving.